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Impact Investing through Social Venture Connexion

We were extremely excited to sit down with Adam Spence, Director of SVX (Social Venture Connexion), which is an impact investing platform that supports impact ventures, funds, and organizations seeking both positive impact and financial return. SVX works with foundations, family offices, financial institutions and, very soon, retail investors who can take advantage of these opportunities.

Invest in Your World

 It’s amazing that sometimes, one person can make an impact that changes the world.


Fireside Chat with Bonnie Foley-Wong


It’s been an incredible month for us at FrontFundr through our #DiversityDrivesInnovation series featuring women investors and female entrepreneurs. To wrap this up, we couldn’t imagine a better investor (and entrepreneur!) to feature leading into our focus on social impact than Bonnie Foley-Wong. Bonnie is the Chief Investment Innovator at Pique Ventures in Vancouver and a FrontFundr shareholder.

Fireside Chat with Thealzel Lee, FrontFundr Investor

We were able to connect with Thealzel Lee, a well-known angel investor in Vancouver and FrontFundr shareholder.

We wanted to learn about what she seeks in companies, as an investor, so we could share it with you!


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