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Finova Financial’s Equity-Linked Token Soon Available through FrontFundr

Posted by FrontFundr on December 19, 2017

Finova Financial, a digital financial services provider, announced today that the world’s first equity-linked token, JOBS Crypto Offering (JCO), will soon be available to Canadian accredited and non-accredited investors through FrontFundr. Finova’s token will carry the unique attribute of being linked to a share of equity in Finova and will provide for an ERC-20 Ethereum token standard that can not only be traded in cryptocurrency but is also backed by assets in a U.S. corporation.

“Finova’s JCO model is like the missing piece of the puzzle for everyday Canadians who have wanted to get in on the crypto-investing space but were shut out of Initial Coin Offering opportunities due to accreditation requirements,” FrontFundr CEO Peter-Paul Van Hoeken said.

Introduced in the U.S. in November, the JCO  is a new crowdfunding mechanism using blockchain and cryptocurrency to create a hybrid of initial coin offerings (ICOs) and traditional initial public offerings (IPOs), allowing companies to raise capital more readily through cryptocurrency investments and an initial public offering of stock in compliance with the JOBS Act Regulation A+.

Last week, Finova announced that it is partnering with online investment platform WeFunder to make Finova’s token available to accredited and non-accredited investors in the United States.

“FrontFundr in Canada and WeFunder in the U.S. are the first of what we hope will be many crowdfunding partnerships across the world,” says Finova CEO Gregory Keough. “We’re looking forward to building on the JCO concept globally because we think it’s the compliant alternative to the ICO and a perfect way to use the blockchain to help more companies raise capital and help more investors get in on crypto opportunities.”

For more information, see the press release by clicking here.


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