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iHeart Shares the Love With All Canadians.

Posted by Sarah Goodman & Kara Zucker on February 28, 2017

 Sarah Goodman is a leading female entrepreneur who is all heart. Sarah’s company, iHeart, recently made an appearance on Dragon’s Den while simultaneously launching on FrontFundr to create a path for all Canadians to invest alongside the Dragons.

Sarah’s goal is to truly give all Canadians the opportunity to invest early in an opportunity that is going big. By engaging more investors, Sarah is creating a community of advocates and ambassadors for iHeart across Canada.

iHeart was developed as a tool to help people measure Internal Age and Aortic Stiffness and therefore realize the personal power we each have to change our health and wellness. The tool was developed to monitor one’s body, encourage behavior to feel well, avoid illness and live a long life. It’s an incredible opportunity for individuals to evaluate their internal health and what we can each do on our own to be healthier.

Sarah is passionate about everything she and her Dad, Dr. Jess Goodman, are developing with iHeart. She chose to work with FrontFundr because of the importance of building a community of brand champions and supporters, those who will advocate on the company’s behalf. She specifically wanted to create access to the investment opportunity after millions of viewers saw the tool in action on Dragon’s Den. In essence, FrontFundr can turn any Canadian into a Dragon through its online platform. Since the show aired, iHeart sales have grown over 700% percent. Sarah wants supporters to have a vested interest in the company succeeding and to ultimately say, “We don’t just like the company, we own part of it.” 

As a young, female founder, Sarah has found fundraising for her growing business to be the toughest challenge. By building the company with her Dad, the experience has been rewarding, but that fundraising has been tough. Raising funds was a new challenge for her as she had never raised funds for a company before. She ran a crowdfunding campaign for iHeart on Indiegogo in 2014 which was successful and had gained some angel investments since, but the company was looking for a bigger investment to grow and scale. Sarah has pitched many times since starting the fundraising process, she says it’s always a good experience since she can learn a lot, but it can also be challenging. Working with FrontFundr makes the process easier and more efficient, plus enables her to connect with a broader range of investors.

FrontFundr works in partnership with companies who are raising funds between $100K - $5M from seasoned Angel investors as well as less experienced smaller investors. To have a successful campaign companies need to be organized and prepared. Sarah is glad to have the team at FrontFundr to support her through this current fundraising phase and emphasized that “The team is always there to answer any questions. Everyone has been super responsive and works hard to make each step happen. It is a true partnership”. Sarah recommends that entrepreneurs take the time to prepare for an equity crowdfunding raise. She strongly believes that the upfront time is worth the effort as it will make her company stronger.  All good things take time and she is excited to finally see really great things happening.

Sarah’s advice for other female entrepreneurs is simple. “Surround yourself with people who are smarter than you and who have been in your shoes. Make sure to take criticism well and learn how to iterate really quickly and change things if necessary. Don’t be married to ideas.”


To learn more about iHeart or to become an investor (starting at $250), please visit FrontFundr's website.


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