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Peter-Paul Van Hoeken - TV Interview

Posted by FrontFundr on March 18, 2017



Peter-Paul Van Hoeken once had a steady, comfortable, job at a bank in his native Netherlands.  When he decided one day to leave that all behind and move to Canada so he can be more entrepreneurial, his boss at the time asked him: are you crazy?  Well, ease and comfort doesn’t sit well with Peter-Paul.  

He wants to be “part of the action.”  So he took his experiences working with businesses through the bank, combined it with his thirst for entrepreneurship, and founded FrontFundr.  Peter-Paul joins Randy in the Biz 1on1 studio to discuss his transition, and how FrontFundr can revolutionize how businesses raise capital and how people invest in businesses.

*This was originally posted on Biz 1v1 - Bloomberg Canada's website located here.

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