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Breaking Stereotypes: Angel Investors and Online Investing can collaborate

Posted by Peter-Paul Van Hoeken on November 15, 2017

Earlier today FrontFundr announced a partnership with Keiretsu Forum and Keiretsu Capital Partners. I am proud about the potential this partnership will bring our organizations and our companies.


Since FrontFundr was founded in early 2014, I have been a strong advocate of collaboration between the angel community and the emerging online investing sector in private companies.

I have been encouraging angel investors to become “agents of change” and embrace the opportunity of using technology to expand the available capital pool for early stage investing. Online investing in private companies, often referred to as Investment Crowdfunding, and angel investing go hand in hand. Angel investor networks have access to companies and take them through a screening process. However, most angel networks also have a common challenge: They are constantly seeking opportunities to increase their capital pool by funding new companies.

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5 Tips to Attract Your Next Investors

Posted by Kara Zucker on November 10, 2017

Raising capital online is a new option offering many advantages including efficiencies, transparency and the option to engage a broad group of investors. In order to fully maximize your success, it is important to plan ahead. To help you, we’ve put together five key tips.

1. Know your specific audience

Who do you want to engage? Try to understand the characteristics of your potential investors. Similar to how companies do market research on their target customers, there’s also research done on potential investors. These individuals can be your customers, professional connections, or those within your community. Investors are interested in opportunities for different reasons so make sure to separate them in whichever groups make the most sense (ex. University Alumni, Past Co-workers, etc.). Create different subgroups of your target audience (more in next section!). Don’t be afraid to expand your audience to target those who are actually committing to invest versus your original “investor type”.


2. Personalization

Take the time to evaluate the initial investors and see if they represent your original audience.

Consider the following before tailoring your content based off these investors:

  • Content is catered to these individuals (your investors) who are passionate about the company’s mission.
  • Some companies take a broad approach by reaching out to as many people as possible with messaging that appeals to a large group.
  • Other companies embrace a narrow approach that focuses on a specific investor group such as accredited investors, thus cultivating a more tight-knit group of investors.
  • Ask: “Why are investors interested?” Based on the audience you decided on in Tip #1, estimate what will be most relevant and valuable for them.

Watch RED Mountain’s video held during their campaign, where they asked investors just that.


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The Investor Revolution is now. New changes to regulations announced on September 21st.

Posted by Jill Earthy on September 21, 2017


Just over 3 years ago, our CEO Peter-Paul Van Hoeken, set out to change the funding model for early stage and growth companies in Canada. His mission was to unlock capital and to make the process of fundraising more efficient, transparent and accessible. Working closely with regulators across Canada, Peter-Paul was instrumental in helping to develop new regulations to enable investing through online platforms and to engage ALL Canadians to participate in investment opportunities.

The result was the launch of FrontFundr in 2015, an online investment platform that has now closed 14 deals and processed close to $2.5M from a wide range of Canadians, both Accredited (high net worth) individuals and the average Canadian.  

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Top 3 Funding Questions [Answered]

Posted by Kara Zucker on August 10, 2017

We’re excited to see that you’re getting ready for your next funding round! Your next step will be the hardest: to START!

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